Who We Are

Simply put . . . we are the hottest young delivery source for full-service multicultural comedy talent and content with technology solutions. Situated in the heart of Hollywood with corporate offices in Beverly Hills and NY, not only do we rep the dopest emerging actors, public speakers, writers, directors and producers, but no one has comedy swagg like us! It’s that close-knit, creative Comedyfessional collaborations with all levels of the entertainment industry that makes Comedyfessionals the best in Los Angeles, as we expand our services worldwide.

Step up to a new brand of creative comedy excellence that is at the forefront of changing trends and brings together a multi-cultural blend of top tier comics, polished keynote speakers, entertainers, writers, producers, directors, designers, developers, managers, packagers and coaches—The Comedyfessionals—matching them to your industry and entertainment needs.

What We Do

Everything and anything to make the best experience for the talented multi-nationals we represent and the executives who want/need them!

We put a whole new spin on networking! We’re all family, so with our associates at studios, production companies, management companies, agencies,WGA, Producers and Directors Guilds and award-winning screenwriters, you’re rolling with the best.

Are you a comic in need of a workshop to sharpen your skills? How about enrolling in our Comedyfessional University to get your PhfD (Doctor of Funny)?  Do you need a speaker for your event? A funny comic for your club? Well we got you! You’ve found your source in Comedyfessionals!

Who is the Woman Behind All this Laughter?

Comedyfessionals founder, Visionary, RainMaker,  Rhonda Coleman, the Comedyfessional-In-Chief is a force of nature that even FEMA would respond to.  With one part business savvy and two parts swag, the only time she sleeps is the five minutes a day Anderson Cooper doesn’t look pensive. Her innate ability to not only envision a goal but actualize it is what enables her to wear many hats, all of which she’ll remove when seated in front of a short person. Stand-up comic, keynote speaker, muse, entrepreneur, designer, developer and writer-director-producer for television-film-new media (Deprogramming Daddy, Oprahliciousness, BossNiggalicious, and documentaries Hello, Schizo and Comedyfessionals among them) this veteran entertainment exec has helped shape the careers of A-list celebs, pro athletes and icons.  Her circle of well-connected BFF’s includes industry heavyweights, veteran comics, and coveted writers, producers, directors and financiers, to launch the only full-service multicultural comedy talent and content entertainment company you will ever need: The Comedyfessionals.